As battle-experienced game & app developers, we support projects in any stage and area of production.

From game design and development
through design‑mockups, art assets and prototyping
to SDK integrations, UX reviews and analytics insights - we got you covered.

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As battle-experienced game & app developers, we support projects in any stage and area of production.

From game design and development
through design‑mockups, art assets and prototyping
to SDK integrations, UX reviews and analytics insights - we got you covered.

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Who we worked with

Our Skillset

With our 10+ years of experience in the industry, we have acquired an all-round skillset for creating amazing games and apps.


  • Game & App Design
    User-Centered Design, Vertical Slices, early Feedback Loops
  • Player Experience
    Player Profiles, Engagement, Flow, Game Feel, Progression
  • UI / UX Design & Analysis
    Design and iteration of UI-screens, Expert Reviews


  • Game & App Development
    Full projects and prototypes, including graphics and audio
  • Frameworks
    Unity, Cocos2d-x, PlayFab, Photon Networking, FMOD, Iron Source, AppsFlyer, Facebook, Firebase, Analytics
  • 10+ years experience
    C#, C++, C, Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python

Product Strategy

  • Retention
    Analyse and optimize your first-time flow & Day-1 to Day-28 metrics
  • Monetization
    In-App purchases, (Rewarded) Ads, User Journeys
  • Multiplatform
    Design and Development for iOS, Android & desktop, Cross-platform networking

How we work

You contact us to arrange an intro call.

In the intro call, we'd like to get to know you and your project, hear about your specific needs and consider possibilities for us to get involved. No strings attached and free of charge.

After we got a good understanding and answered all important questions on both sides, we can collaboratively figure out the process and pricing model that works best for your individual situation.

​ ​

You decide how to proceed from here. If you think we are a good fit, we can directly get to work, or do a shorter trial contract first.

We make a plan and present it to you, so we can synchronize expectations.

According to your wishes, we schedule regular calls or send reports to discuss our progress, review the results and set new goals.

We believe in good communication as a key factor for success. Therefore, we make sure to get feedback early and regularly. Your feedback is an integral part of transforming your vision to reality.

During the whole process you can contact us at any time via Mail  , Slack   or Discord  and we'll make sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Together, we will make your project skyrocket!

Our all-round skillset enables us to produce all components of your project from a single source, creating a seamless product.

Additionally, our experience of going through design, development, release and post-release optimization stages will allow us to navigate your project through the rough sea of game and app development.


What we can do for you


Games, Apps, Integrations and more

We develop games, apps or other software according to your wishes. Either we realize your ideas from scratch (design documents, prototypes, programming, graphics and audio) or develop parts of it. We can take on any of the following tasks:

  • Create prototypes and also full games & apps
  • Integration of any SDK / Framework, including Analytics & Attribution
  • Monetization (Rewarded Ads, In-App Purchases, etc.)
  • Add or optimize Networking & Multiplayer functionality
  • Bugfixes and Performance Optimization


  • 10+ years experience with:
    • C#, Java, Kotlin
    • Objective-C, Swift
    • C++, C
    • JavaScript, TypeScript
    • Python, Bash and other scripting languages

Engines & Frameworks

  • Game Engines
    • Unity
    • Cocos2d-x and custom solutions
  • SDKs / Frameworks
    • Monetization: Iron Source (Ad mediation), Admob, iOS & Android In-App Purchase frameworks
    • Analytics: AppsFlyer, Firebase & Google Ads, Game Analytics, Facebook
    • Networking: PlayFab, Photon Real-Time Multiplayer, Photon Chat
    • Animation: Spine - Skeletal Animation, Tweening SDKs
    • Audio: FMOD, Unity Audio
    • Third-Party-Logins: Apple, Google, Facebook
    • Others: We never stop learning and we’re happy to integrate any Framework you need.

Game Design

Casual & Core for Mobile & Desktop

We are gamers at heart and we have designed, developed and shipped multiple game projects in the last 10 years. There are many pitfalls and we have experienced most of them, only to keep going and learn from our mistakes. You can draw from our rich experience to give your games a headstart. We can deliver:

  • Design & implementation of full games
    • Game Design Documents
    • Prototypes & Vertical Slices
    • Production & Distribution
    • Testing & Evaluation
  • Mechanics and systems for existing projects
  • Design review and optimization
  • Focus Points: Flow, Game Feel, UX, Rentetion, Montization

App Design

iOS, Android & Desktop

We design and create apps that are a joy to use every day, optionally enhanced by Gamification elements. With our 10+ years of experience in designing and developing apps for mobile devices, we can take on:

  • Design & implementation of full apps
    • Design Documents
    • Wireframes, Prototypes & Vertical Slices
    • Production & Distribution
    • Testing & Evaluation
  • Design review and optimization
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Focus Points: UI, UX, Retention, Monetization

User Experience & Interface Design

It's only as good as its Usability

Successful technology is aware of human capabilities and limitations.
Whatever your project is, we’ll design and implement an optimal User Interface for it. We apply User-Centered Design and aim for an outstanding User Experience. Additionally, we can also support you with any of the following:

  • User Interface Design & Analysis

  • User Experience Design & Analysis

  • Wireframes & graphical mockups

  • Prototyping

  • Implementation

Reviews & Analysis

Perspective makes the difference

We review and analyze your game, app, prototype or concept with focus on the aspects that are most relevant to you in the current project stage. Our review and analysis can focus on one or several of the following points:

  • Game Design
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)
  • Monetization (In-App-Purchases, Ads, etc.)
  • Engagement & Retention, including first-time flow
  • Expert Review (we test your app or game in-depth, create records of our sessions and analyze the results)

Depending on your needs we can discuss our findings in a video-call with you and your team or compile the results as a report, a presentation, mockups, prototypes or recommendations. Additionally, we can also include our testing video footage and notes.

Music Game & App Development

Musicians meet designers and coders

We are experienced musicians, are versed in various instruments and therefore also love music and audio apps. Our sound artist, Joshua, studied music and composition in the USA.
In the past years Max has worked on various audio projects: He created a midi-player on iOS with an accuracy of 5ms, a video-based rhythm drumming app, instrument apps and music game prototypes. Here’s what we can do to boost your audio project:

  • Music Games
    • Prototypes and also full music games
    • Make your game feel and breathe music with every beat
  • Audio Apps
    • Prototypes and also full audio apps
    • Truly understand the needs of musicians and design accordingly
    • Design User Interfaces and a User Experience that is true to your needs and makes natural sense when using it everyday or even in a studio environment
  • Other Games & Apps
    • Create engine-ready music and sound effect assets
    • Integrate audio SDKs into your projects
    • Act as an intermediate between designers, programmers and musicians

Custom Solutions

Everything, except custom firmwares

Need something else? We also create custom solutions. Feel free to reach out and we’ll discuss your plans and how we realise them together. Possible services includes:

  • Optimizing workflows by automating time-consuming tasks with scripts
  • Help with iOS and Android build and distribution certificates
  • Training your team members in Design or Development topics
  • Creating a project setup, so your team can complete it, while we are on standby as consultants
  • Reworking old projects or codebases by cleaning them up and resolving issues
  • Porting your game, app or other software project to another platform

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